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The Model in Maryland

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History in Our State

Maryland has a long history with the Pyramid Model.  Our state was one of the first states to implement the Pyramid Model in 2006, back when it was known as CSEFEL, starting with just a few county-wide demonstration sites. Today, every county has some level of Pyramid Model implementation, and trainers and coaches serve all jurisdictions.

Spring Symposium

This spring, the Maryland SEFEL Pyramid Model delivered the first one-day symposium for teachers, childcare providers, support staff, administrators, and mental health consultants working preschool children and their families across the state.


Presentations throughout the day covered the broad range of the Pyramid Model, and all things related to social emotional development, including: trauma-informed teaching, aligning Pyramid Model practices with a tiered IECMH consultation system, engaging and supporting families, and using coaching cycles to support implementation in the classroom.


For a brief glance at the symposium, watch the video below and download the presentation slides.

What's in a Name?

This brief animated video details the different names that the Pyramid Model has gone by and what the name means for your work.

Maryland State Leadership Team

The Maryland SEFEL Pyramid Model State Leadership Team is a collaborative group of state leaders in Pyramid Model implementation.

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