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Please use the links below to access our SEFEL Pyramid Model trainings on IDEAS@TheInstitute. If you have not already created a profile with IDEAS@TheInstitute, you will be prompted to do so before accessing the training. There is no cost to create an account or to take any of these trainings.

Pyramid Model Training for Infant & Toddler Classrooms

Pyramid Model Training for Preschool Classrooms

Pyramid Model Training for Leadership

Trauma Informed Pyramid Model Training

Pyramid Model Training for Part C Early Intervention Providers

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Harford County

Free Pyramid Model Trainings Offered by the Abilities Network in Harford County in November and December

Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Consultation

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) is a prevention-based service that pairs a mental health consultant with families and adults who work with infants and young children in the different settings where they learn and grow, such as child care, preschool, and their home. The aim is to build adults’ capacity to strengthen and support the healthy social and emotional development of children―early and before intervention is needed.

Childcare providers and parents across the state can access IECMHC services free of charge throughout the state of Maryland. Services include:  

  • Observation and assessment of children and the child care environment using research-based tools

  • Partnering with child care providers to deliver training, mentoring, and coaching to help create environments that better support the social and emotional needs of young children

  • Increasing childcare staff skills in addressing the social and emotional needs of children to improve readiness for school

  • Supporting child care providers to help retain and serve children with behavioral and mental health needs

  • Supporting positive relationships with providers and families

Annually our team publishes a legislative brief on the MSDE-funded IECMHC activities, examining workforce capacity, communities served, and outcomes for children and families.  Here is the data for 2018.  

IECMHC and the Pyramid Model

Both IECMHC and the Pyramid Model have a strong focus on the critical importance of positive relationships in the early years of a child’s development. Both approaches focus on building the capacity of professionals and families to support young children’s social-emotional development.


An IECMH consultant can support Pyramid Model implementation through consultation to the program leadership team, consultation to practitioners, and guiding the provision of supports and services to children and their families. The IEMHC might bring additional expertise to the Pyramid Model framework, such as:  

  •  Trauma-informed care

  • Curricula and/or strategies to enhance children’s positive relationship or attachment to caregivers 

  • Supporting staff and/or families experiencing depression and/or adversity, working with families with substance use problems, etc.

IECMHC Resources

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