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Episode 11 - June 25, 2020

Our team is back this week with our 11th video in our series. In this episode - recognizing that the field of infant and early childhood mental health was built to address inequities for our youngest parents, families and children – we are continuing to delve into the data that grounds this work, specifically a new report published by the Children’s Defense Fund on The State of America’s Children 2020. The numbers are startling, and important. Click the video below to watch and for some additional resources.

Here is the full brief of the Children’s Defense Fund’s 2020 Report: and more information on the general stages of change: and a guide to having workplace conversations around racial equity:

Please reach out (to or in a comment below) with any questions, and share your resources as it relates to understanding and addressing racism and bias in the early childhood classroom.

Be well and be in touch!

The PIEC Team

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